Mnangagwa’s Facial Reaction Over Wicknell Audio Leaks | Opinion
14 June 2024
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By Baba Jukwa | Will Govt do something to Wicknell Chivayo? As it is difficult to paint all of events inside State House, I have put this lyrical cluster together, that includes quotes from one real life preceding event: The First Family members watched in disbelief as President Emmerson Mnangagwa listened to the leaked Wicknell Chivayo WhatsApp audio recordings. In the dimly lit presidential office, the atmosphere was tense. Mnangagwa’s usual air of unshakable confidence seemed to falter as Chivayo’s mocking words echoed from the phone.

“Did you hear that?” Mnangagwa’s son, Emmerson Jr., asked incredulously. His voice was strained with a mix of disbelief and anger. “They think they can just mock you like this?”

Beside him, First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa sat stiffly, her eyes wide with shock. “Uebert Angel, Mai Titi, and now Chivayo… they’ve turned social media into a weapon against you.”

Yet, despite the gravity of the situation, Mnangagwa’s reaction was bewilderingly nonchalant. He leaned back in his chair, a half-smile playing on his lips. “This is nothing. Just some noise,” he said, waving a dismissive hand.

“Nothing?” Emmerson Jr. echoed, his voice rising. “Uebert Angel implicated you and Mama in serious money laundering. Mai Titi’s video and pics have already damaged our reputation, and now Chivayo—”

Mnangagwa interrupted, chuckling softly though wildly. “Relax, my boy. They are just creating a circus. Do you really think they can topple me with mere words and videos?”

His levity only seemed to agitate the room further. Two other family members exchanged uneasy glances, and one senior kin stepped forward hesitantly. “Mr. President, may I remind you of the Simbarashe Marumahoko disclosures? In the clip, he said—”

“I remember,” Mnangagwa cut in, his tone still disturbingly light. “He said, ‘Mnangagwa sold the country. What kind of president is that? Don’t talk fuc**ll about Mnangagwa, he is an idiot. He is not ZANU PF. Our musangano (party) of ZANU PF has collapsed because of him.'” Mnangagwa mimicked Marumahoko’s voice, exaggerating the disdain to the point of caricature.

The room fell silent, the tension now a palpable force pressing down on everyone. Mnangagwa’s amusement in the face of such severe accusations baffled and worried his family and advisors. His wife finally spoke up, her voice trembling. “Baba, Baba, this isn’t a joke. These accusations, these recordings… they’re eroding the very foundation of your presidency.”

Mnangagwa’s eyes glinted with a peculiar mix of amusement and defiance. “Let them try,” he said with a shrug. “I’ve faced bullets and survived. Words? Words are nothing. They think they’ve taken power with their tricks, but they’ve only shown their desperation.”

His laughter filled the room, a stark contrast to the unease settling over everyone else. The First Family and close aides watched him, a mixture of worry and confusion etched on their faces. As Mnangagwa joked about the unfolding scandal, the realization dawned that perhaps, just perhaps, the president was underestimating the power of this new battlefield—social media.

And in the shadows of that laughter, a storm brewed, threatening to upend the very fabric of his rule.

DISCLAIMER: The first quotes in this article are an imaginary poetique.