Court Refuses To Release Chamisa Aide
20 June 2024
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Court Dismisses Jameson Timba and Co-Accused’s Application Challenging Remand

Harare, Zimbabwe — In a significant development, Harare Magistrate yesterday dismissed the application by Jameson Timba, a prominent member of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), along with 78 other individuals, challenging their placement on remand. The 79 accused are facing charges of disorderly conduct and participating in an unlawful gathering.

The incident, which led to their arrest, occurred during celebrations for the Day of the African Child. The accused have consistently denied the charges through their legal representatives, maintaining that their activities were peaceful and celebratory in nature.

One of the accused has been released into the custody of his mother, highlighting the varying circumstances of those detained. However, the majority remain in custody following the court’s decision.

The prosecution, represented by Detective Assistant Inspector Panganai Gwati, staunchly opposed bail. Gwati argued that the suspects were involved in a serious offence and allegedly engaged in altercations with law enforcement officers during the incident.

The court’s ruling underscores the tension surrounding political gatherings and demonstrations in Zimbabwe, with the CCC and its members frequently at the center of legal and political battles.

This case will likely draw considerable attention as it proceeds, given the high-profile nature of the accused and the broader implications for civic freedoms in Zimbabwe.