Queensdale Primary Head Converts Bus Fund Cash To Buy A TwinCab Toy
21 June 2024
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Controversy Erupts at Queensdale Primary Over Misuse of Bus Fund

By A Correspondent | ZimEye |  Harare, June 20, 2024*– Parents of Queensdale Primary School in Harare are up in arms over allegations that the newly appointed headmaster is misappropriating funds meant for a school bus.

The controversy came to light when a concerned parent shared a message highlighting the situation. “We paid $22 for the bus fund last year and early this year, our money now totals $34,000. It’s a pain. We have a new headmaster who came this term. Instead of using the bus fund to purchase a school bus, he decided to convert the money to buy his personal double twin cab for personal use,” the parent revealed.

Headmaster’s twin cab purchase

The parent, who wished to remain anonymous, further expressed the community’s frustration, “The school is a mess, but someone finds the strength to buy his twin cab with the bus money for our children. Today, they went to choose a twin cab that he wants, so let’s spread the news and stop such acts before Wednesday, before they make the payment. Let them book a school bus.”

The situation has sparked outrage among the school’s parent community, who are calling for immediate action to prevent the misuse of funds. Parents are mobilizing to address the issue and demand transparency and accountability from the school administration.

Attempts to reach the headmaster for comment were unsuccessful at the time of publication. The parents are urging fellow community members to come together to ensure that the funds are used appropriately and in the best interests of the students.

This developing story highlights the critical need for vigilance and community involvement in school governance to safeguard the interests of students and ensure proper use of funds.

The new head was still to comment at the time of writing.