Sanyatwe, Fulcrum, Mnangagwa: COUNTDOWN
4 July 2024
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By A Correspondent | ZimEye | ANALYSIS -|The world has ended on Zimbabwe’s opposition, the controversial “Daddy-vist“ Hopewell Chin’ono screams out while saying Nelson Chamisa is finished as he has failed to speak out against the ZNA commander Ancelem Sanyatwe’s threats. Both Chin’ono and Fulcrum (Thabani Mpofu) seem oblivious of what Ancelem Sanyatwe actually said. (Mpofu has written a letter demanding that the general must reverse his statement over what the ZNA commander calls Command Voting the army will use against the electorate.)

But Command Voting has been worse uttered and practiced for 45 years running since 1980(the Lord Soames/Thatcher election criminality), the only difference is by 2024,

  1. Zimbos have helped kick ZANU PF out of ED’s home country, Zambia, totally, forever.
  2. ANC (South Africa) has been weakened for first time.
  3. ED’s accomplice William Ruto is on the run for power in Kenya.
  4. ZANU is imploding by itself.
  5. ED has discredited himself at SADC through his Russia meeting nonsense. He has finished himself in many ways
  6. Mnangagwa is now only as strong as his collapsing ZiG currency and his ZANU PF party even officially announces that he is now called “Mr Strong ZiG”
  7. The recently exposed Scott-Wicknell money laundering case over the 2023 election rigging committed outside Zimbabwe (plus those of the GoldMafia) trigger law enforcement outside the borders to try Mnangagwa’s SADC condemned election, putting a seal on the man who evidently is being burnt up by the fire he alone started, as poetically as it sounds. The conclusion may be summmed up in Sanyatwe’s surname which poetically means a person who has soiled themselves on their own. In short the Mbare Street linguo can be used, maSports aakuputika ega!- ZimEye