Mnangagwa Tenderprenuers Feast As Gvt Takes Over The Operations Of Harare
7 July 2024
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By Municipal Reporter- Bogus business people linked to President Emmerson Mnangagwa have seized tenders for procuring materials, equipment, and services used in rehabilitating the Central Busines Centre of Harare ahead of next month’s SADC summit.

This follows the government’s takeover of Harare’s operations from the opposition-led council.

Last week, the government assumed control of key services, including waste management, public transport management, and road rehabilitation.

Several Mnangagwa allies controversially secured contracts to provide these services on behalf of the Harare City Council.

One such individual is convicted robber and CIO operative Delish Nguwaya, who controversially received a multi-million dollar tender for refuse collection at the Pomana dumpsite.

Nguwaya is known to have close ties to the First Family.

Under the guise of preparing for the upcoming SADC summit in August, Mnangagwa has effectively taken control of Harare to award lucrative tenders to his allies for sprucing up the once “Sunshine City.”

State media reported that the Harare City Council would be unable to independently deliver the clean, safe, and conducive environment necessary for the regional summit, justifying Mnangagwa’s seizure of Harare.