Police Raid Mbanje Plantation in Gokwe
9 July 2024
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Source : Zimbabwe Republic Police

In a recent operation, Zimbabwe Republic Police raided and dismantled a marijuana plantation in Kuruwa Village, Gokwe, leading to the arrest of three individuals: Brain Kuruwa (36), Talkmore Muzondiwa (30), and Shylet Magigani (32). The raid, conducted on 3rd July 2024, resulted in the seizure of 67 marijuana plants and 170 kg of loose marijuana.

Additionally, authorities uncovered and confiscated 6,700 marijuana plants cultivated along the Svisvi River in Gokwe.

Investigations are ongoing to determine the individuals responsible for these extensive garden operations.

The crackdown underscores ongoing efforts by law enforcement to curb illegal drug cultivation and trafficking in Zimbabwe.

Such operations are crucial in maintaining public safety and upholding the rule of law.

Further updates on the investigation are expected as authorities work to identify and prosecute those involved in the illicit cultivation activities.