Shangri -La restaurant cleared of “dog, cat meat” allegations


Harare(ZimEye)The animal protection organisation, SPCA has cleared the Harare based Chinese owned, Shangri -La restaurant of allegations that it was selling dog and cat meat.

Following an investigation the SPCA has now issued a statement clearing the restaurant of the allegations.

An SPCA official told ZimEye on Wednesday:

“We have inspected recently, but we haven’t seen anything there recently… Basically… we are undergoing some investigations with some restaurants. But they are for investigative purposes. But with Shangri -La we actually haven’t had a problem.

Shangri -La restaurant cleared of

And with the other ones, we are investigating at the moment.” she said adding that they continue to monitor all restaurants around the country for possible violations.

Shangri -La restaurant’s lawyers have issued a statement stating that their client is not involved in any dog, cat meat or other culturally unacceptable food business.

“This is a restaurant that has won awards with the Zim tourism authority here… No businessman worth their salt would do such a thing. Why would somebody come from China and engage in such business?,” he said More to follow

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  • Eish i thought they were cooking this dog Shona Bla Miki but they will get u next time