Suspected Cholera Cases Reported at Gwanda Hospital


Staff Reporter | Following six days of dry tapes, two cases of possible Cholera infection have been reported at Gwanda Hospital, with authorities at the hospital covering up the issue.

Very reliable sources within the hospital told that at least two people from Jahunda Township in Gwanda Town are being treated at the hospital for suspected Cholera infection while about ten more have been treated for confirmed Typhoid all linked to the unavailability of water in the town.

The sources said that hospital authorities he been strongly warned against revealing the information on the Cholera and Typhoid possible outbreak in the town.

Government through the Zimbabwe National Water Authority last week disconnected water supplies in the town for six days as the water authority was demanding for an upfront payment for water before supplying the over 60 000 residents in he town.

The situation was getting worse at the start of the Easter Holidays as several religious organisations visited the town for Easter Meetings. In one such case a church at Phakama Township was host to 600 delegates from all over the country and some from South Africa and all of them resorted to use the nearby bush to relieve themselves.

The council had to pay ZINWA $15 000 worth of water which at current consumption will last the town only up to about Monday before the end of the long holidays.

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