#ThisFlag Mawarire Now A Politician


Pastor Evan Mawarire introduces himself as a politician in-the-wait.

#ThisFlag Pastor Evan Mawarire has come out to reveal that he has considered entering politics. Mawarire arrived back in Zimbabwe yesterday and is currently in police custody, being held on several charges which border on treason. In an interview held with a South-African publication before travelling back to Zimbabwe, Mawarire spoke to the Daily Maverick below is what he says;

Mawarire is also considering running for public office. When he spoke to the Daily Maverick initially, from the United States, he was adamant he did not want to take that route. But by the time we met up in Johannesburg, his thoughts had evolved: “The more I think about the options, the steps going forward, I realise you can only shout about potholes for so long. You start to realise where change comes from. So at some point we have to start saying that for those that have the ability, the passion, or the buy-in from the people, it may be time to throw your hat in.”

Mawarire has also got over his initial disgust at the whole idea of getting involved in the ugly, messy business of electoral politics. He just didn’t like what politicians represented in Zimbabwe – the corruption, the greed, the naked ambition. “It’s the same as when you watch your father beat your mother, you say I will never be a husband. But then, when you grow up, you say you say will be a different kind of husband.” Mawarire, in other words, wants to be a different kind of politician.

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    Yes, be a Politician. My only problem is that you you are a Shona Politician. I am sorry to say this; you cannot be trusted. Mugabe messed up our reputation as a tribe. I also struggle to trust our people!!

  • Gymbunny

    You do realise Mugabe is not Shona right?
    What a stupid thing to paint all Shonas with Mugabe brush .


    Ooh please. Mugabe is Shona; he speaks Shona and was brought up by a Shona mother, relatives and Shona cultural influences.

    His father could have been from Malawi, but he never had any Malawian influence on Mugabe; both culturally and linguistically.

    He is only Malawian in word; not in real life.

  • Pedro gora

    We’re all the same in the eyes of Jehovah but each of us has his way of doing things

  • Gymbunny

    Africans are patrilineal, you take after your father uchida usingade. Mugabe is Malawian Zimbabwean. Like Hitler was Austrian and Obama though American could not shake off his Kenyan heritage.

    In your eyes and crippled logic David Banda murungu? Stop this Shona hate. Political criminals come in all tribes. Look at Zuma, and our own VP Mpoko..

    Like your name uri Mhiripiri yemunhu

  • Miriam Mhiripiri

    Mo man. Zuma and Mphoko have never killed anybody. Zuma’s problem is just corruption, otherwise South Africans are free to say what they want. Its a democracy.

    As for Mphoko, apart from being ZANU PF and living in that Hotel at tax payers expense, what else is his crime? Nothing.

    No non Shona you can think of compares to Mugabe and Mnangagwa. Mugabe remains a Shona whatever your wishes!!