War Vets Dump Mugabe For Another Tyrant
13 January 2017
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Nomusa Garikayi | “In 2008, they mobilised us to set up various bases to campaign for them in different parts of the country. We were forced to work against our own brothers and sisters but after that, they didn’t do anything to appreciate our efforts,” said Manicaland war veterans chairperson Angeline Muponda.

“We are now growing older but we have nothing to show to our kids, we are struggling to feed our families and pay school fees for our children. We have suffered enough; we want to tell Zanu-PF that we don’t eat slogans.”

If only I had forced the likes of Mutsvangwa, Mahiya, Maponda and all the other war veterans who have expressed similar sentiments to pay a penny each time they complained of how Zanu PF has used them and then discarded them like used toilet paper; I would be a billionaire in my own right!

There are two things these disgruntled war veterans have failed to grasp. First, they must stop pretending that they were in anyway coerced to harassing, beating, raping and even killing innocent Zimbabweans to impose the de facto one-party cum one-man dictatorship we have today. They have done all this dirty work out of greed, they were cock sure Mugabe will reward them for helping him become a dictator by granting them a share of the absolute power, the social influence and the material wealth.

“War veterans and collaborators, have over the years served as Mugabe and Zanu-PF’s political power dynamos, playing particularly significant roles to keep the nonagenarian on the throne in the hotly-disputed 2000 and 2008 national elections which were both marred by serious violence and the murder of hundreds of opposition supporters,” wrote Bulawayo 24 Staff reporter in the article War collaborators dump Mugabe.

Mugabe, as the war veterans themselves have now finally realised, use and abused the war veterans and discarded them. Most of them are living in abject poverty, just like the rest of us, the innocent victims of the decades of corrupt and tyrannical dictatorship.

The war veterans owe the nation an apology for betraying the liberation war values of freedom and justice for all in helping Mugabe impose the dictatorship; regardless of whether they are one of the lucky few who were rewarded by the tyrant or one of the many who were kicked in the teeth and now languishing in poverty and despair.

Second, it is clear that most of these rogue the war veterans have not only failed to accept they were wrong and thus repented for doing Mugabe’s no-regime-change dirty work but, worse still, they will do this again. The war veterans have failed to see that the de facto one-party/one-man dictatorship IS evil and is the root cause of the nation’s economic meltdown and political chaos. It is therefore not enough that Mugabe must go but the whole dictatorial system of government must be uprooted and destroyed.

The war veterans have been demanding that the current dictator, Robert Mugabe, must go and replaced by VP Mnangagwa. Those war veterans who have already been kicked out of Zanu PF are realigning themselves with Mai Mujuru or MDC with the view of forcing the electorate to support these just as they have done for Zanu PF. We do not want another dictator or dictatorship!

We want to implement all the democratic reforms design to stop war veterans or anyone from terrorising the people and rigging the vote for selfish political gain. We want the next elections to be free, fair and credible!


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  1. We went to war to end the exploitation and discrimination of blacks by the white colonialists. It is a great pity that many of those at the coal face of the struggle the war veterans led by President Mugabe and his cronies have betrayed the people and have since become the new oppressors. It is right and justice has been served that the rogue war veterans have themselves been betrayed by President Mugabe and thus got nothing, Yes Maponda, you were used and then forgotten!

    We have failed to deliver a free, just and prosperous society because of the greed of the tyrants and rogue war veterans. We must focus on getting this important task done and must not allow ourselves to be distracted by greed individuals like these war veterans who still think the war of independence was about them and everyone else must wait until their have had their fill of power
    and wealth!

    People like Maponda, Mahiya and other war veteran leaders must be held to account for all the crimes the war veterans committed against innocent civilians in the name of Zanu PF!

  2. One of the most prominent and vociferous war veteran tyrant is Jabulani Sibanda, I thought he is Ndebele.

    Minister Obert Mpofu is one of the most corrupt Zanu PF leaders, no doubt he is Shona!

    We have a serious problem here of a corrupt and tyrannical regime which we must get rid of; you are not being helpful by seeing it as a tribal and not national problem. The good and bad people in all the tribes just as there are good and bad apples in tree; you do not cut down the tree to get rid of the bad apples.

  3. If these war veterans had any brain then they should have seen after 37 years of this corrupt and tyrannical Zanu PF dictatorship that the system does not work. We must not allow these idiots to impose another dictator on the nation!

    The failure to appreciate that liberating the country meant freedom, liberty, justice and human rights for all and not just those lucky few and their families who seized power in 1980 is what made it so easy for a tyrant like Mugabe to build the dictatorship. He only had to tell those around him they were one of the lucky few and they took up the task of building the dictatorship with the devil’s zeal. They did not see anything wrong with instituting a corrupt and oppressive system, worse than the white colonial system the nation had gone to war to remove.

    The dictatorship was corrupt and wasteful of both human and material resources and it was no surprise that Zimbabwe’s economic decline started soon after Zanu PF took office and it has been on this downward spiral ever since. It is not surprising many of the people President Mugabe promised prosperity if they helped him build the dictatorship, the war veterans and others, he gave them the odd gratuity payment but little else.

    Even those who benefited from the dictatorship, many of them have been side-lined and soon thrown away and forgotten. Party grandees like the late Enos Nkala and Nathan Shamuyarira lived their last days in abject poverty. The latter’s wife told mourners the family was so poor she could not afford the bus fare to be at her husband’s death-bed.

    As the country’s economy continued to shrink the tempo at the Zanu PF high table has gone from luxury, to hectic to the present dog-eat-dog. in 2014 Mai Mujuru and 150 other party big-wigs were booted out of the party and many of them are “suffering and dying from stress”, she confessed. Zanu PF is imploding!

    The failure by the like of Maponda, Mahiya and even former Minister Chris Mutsvangwa – whom one would think his education would help him to see beyond the tip of his nose – to see that dictatorial rule will never bring prosperity even to the ruling elite is unforgivable. The last 37 years have been a total disaster for the nation, anyone with even half a brain should see that.

    If the war veterans think the country is going to allow the dictatorship experiment to continue, even with a new dictator, for another day they are whistling in the graveyard!

    The freedoms and basic human rights including the right to a meaningful say in the governance of the country is not only an inalienable right but, more significantly, it is the foundation of free, just and prosperous nation at peace with itself. We have waiting for this blessing in Zimbabwe for 37 years, we are not going to wait another day longer! We want free, fair and credible elections now, that is not negotiable!

  4. Gukurahundi ZANU PF has been using Shona people since the 1980s. It doesnt start now with the so-called war vets.

    1. In Mozambique ZANU and ZANLA structures were named in Shona only;
    2. Meetings, radio broadcasts and songs were all in Shona;
    3. They invoked only Shona spirit mediums, Nehanda and Kaguvi to garner Shona support. All other citizens were irrelevant to them;
    4. They reinvented and rewrote the history of our country to characterise it as a Shona country and completely ignored the Bantu migration part and the San indigenous people of Southern Africa – this was meant to influence the Shona people as the majority to vote for them;
    5. The Gukurahundi fifth brigade army was an all-Shona army;
    6. Until recently; since 1980 ZANU PF has ignored the Matebeleland and parts of Midlands votes, after calculating that it was only the Shona voters who mattered to their winning elections;
    7. Mugabe himself and many other ZANU PF politicians address their parties and meeting in mainly Shona; sometimes a mixture of Shona and English, though they claim to be national and their parties have members from over the country. Non of them ever use a Matebeleland language; even if they know the languages; and
    8. Only recently after the Shonas revolted in support of the opposition has ZANU PF tried to reach out to other tribes.

    CONCLUSION: Its not just the so-called war vets; ZANU PF has been using the Shona people like condoms for their nefarious political activities for the past 36 years. It took long before the Shonas opened their eyes and decided to dump the evil tribalistic party!