LATEST- PICTURE: Arrested Suspected Rapist Who Terrorised Chivi Residents
5 March 2018
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By Farai D Hove| The man pictured below as ZimEye reveals, is one of the suspected serial rapists who had been as reported to police allegedly “terrorising the Chivi residents”.

Attested Chivi man

He has been apprehended by the community a few kilometres from the Ngundu Business Centre. He was handed over to the police and at the time of writing had admitted to allegations of rape and murder of people in Chivi and the mob early this morning besieged the Ngundu police station baying for his blood. At the time of writing as ZimEye reveals, the police had taken him out to some of his so called “crime sites. ALSO SEE THE BELOW SHORT VIDEO OF PEOPLE BAYING FOR HIS BLOOD AT NGUNDU POLICE STATION: