Shiri Warns Mugabe’s New Party “Zanu PF Like A Hyena, It Will Devour You”
10 March 2018
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Snodia Mawupeni | Land and agriculture minister, Retired Air Marshal Perence Shiri
has warned that Zanu PF is like a hyena that can devour its children who want to abandon it during trying times.

Shiri was speaking during a visit at Muni irrigation scheme in Makonde Ward 5 within Mhangura constituency.

‘“Zanu PF yakafanana nebere yekuti ukange waitasva hauburuke nokuti
ukaburuka inokudya”,meaning once you have joined the party you cannot be a member of opposition as it will get rid of you.

His sentiments are a direct attack on perceived renegades among them former president
Robert Mugabe linked to newly formed New Patriotic Front that has former Member of Parliament Retired Brig Ambrose Mutinhiri as leader.

He is working closely with exiled former ministers Prof Jonathan Moyo, Saviour Kasukwere, Patrick Zhuwawo ahead of the harmonised elections later this

Under Mugabe’s rule since indepednce those who opposed him among them the
late Ndabaningi Sithole, Joshua Nkomo, Morgan Tsvangirai among others suffered backlash including trumped up charges of treason but no one was ever convicted of these charges.

Since MDC formation in 2000 several hundred supporters were killed but none
of Zanu PF supporters were ever arrested or convicted in a court of law.

During the