British Embassy Exposes The Herald
21 June 2018
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Herald Editor Ceasar Zvayi

By Paul Nyathi|The British Embassy has said that it never accused the MDC Alliance of lying about failing to get the Voters’ Roll as was alleged in the state media on Tuesday.

John Culley the Political Counsellor at British Embassy Harare revealed that he wrote a letter to the Herald editor asking him to correct the distortions.

The letter which The Herald never published read in full as below:

Dear Sir

Re: your article 19/06 headlined ‘UK embassy exposes MDC alliance lies’

We’d like to point out a serious error in your reporting today on our @UKinZimbabwe tweets yesterday. Our tweets made it clear that we were able to obtain the voters roll from ZEC after waiting for two hours. We did NOT say that the MDC was lying in claiming that it had not been able to obtain the roll. In fact, as we said in a tweet on the same day:

“Some political parties have not received a copy of the roll. If this is a deliberate policy by ZEC this is unacceptable and we will continue to raise it. We met Nelson Chamisa last week and understood from him how crucial the voters roll is to all political parties, which is why we raise it.”

We appreciate the attention that you pay to our Time Line. We ask however that you do not misrepresent what we say and contact us if you require clarification.

John Culley