After Dramatic Day In Court With Ex Wife, Mohadi Spotted With New Wife And Family On Holiday In Cape Town
20 April 2019
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Fit as a fiddle Kembo Mohadi in Cape Town with wife Juliet.

Own Correspondent|Just a couple of days after Vice President Kembo Mohadi was awarded a second protection order against his ex wife Tambudzani Mohadi, he has been spotted enjoying a “refreshing” time out with his family and new wife Juliet Mutavhatsindi in Cape Town.

Mohadi with his family in Cape Town

Mohadi was granted divorce with his wife of years by the High Court last month after over two years of legal wrangle.

At the divorce hearing, Tambudzani told the court that the couple had last enjoyed intimacy in 1999 and their marriage was no longer in existence.

Couple of weeks ago, Mohadi went wild at his ex matrimonial home in Beitbridge nearly killing his ex wife with an axe and was restrained by his security details.

On Wednesday Mohadi was back in court seeking another protection order against Tambudzani who he claimed was harassing him and his new wife Juliet.

The holiday in Cape Town could just be a deserved time out for Mohadi and his young wife.

Zimbabweans though will ask, at whose expense is the Vice President enjoying his time out?