Penny Penny, Father Of 25, Wants A New Wife To Start Child Making Cycle Over Again
26 April 2019
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Penny Penny with his current wife

Own Correspondent|Self proclaimed founder of popular Shangani Disco music, now TV reality show, Penny Penny, is gearing to marry another wife so she can give him more children.

The vibrant musician already has twenty five children with his current wife.

Papa Penny Penny’s fans don’t want him to, but he’s considering getting himself a second wife and nothing appears there to stop him.

The reality TV star says he’s not bothered by his fans’ pleas and if he decides to do it, his current wife will choose wifey no.2 for him.

Papa Penny Penny, expressed his interest in getting another wife, and might just do it despite his fans’ displeasure with the idea.

South Africa’s TshisaLIVE reported that Papa Penny’s fans even took to social media to ask him to not take another wife, but he’s not paying attention to them.

“People don’t understand. I am an African man. I have been for all my life. I am not looking for a wife outside of my wife’s family and I am not the one who will make the decision. My wife will have to propose a wife for me, not me. It is my culture.”

He welcomed his 25th child into the world less than a month ago, but wants even more children.

“A man can have one wife but have a lot of girlfriends. I don’t want that. I get a lot of messages from the girls, a lot of funny pictures. A lot of naked videos. What if I make a mistake and suddenly I am in trouble with my wife? I love my wife more than a hundred percent. I respect my life.

It’s not clear what Mama Nomi feels about this idea, but his fans are against it.