ZANU PF Linked Lumumba Warns Mnangagwa Of Inevitable Civil Unrest If He Doesn’t Fire His advisors
21 May 2019
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ZANU-PF linked activist Acie Lumumba has warned President Emmerson Mnangagwa that he risks being fired by the people of Zimbabwe if he does not fire his advisors.

Lumumba said this in his Facebook page in the wake of up to a 47% hike in fuel price announced by the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) on Tuesday morning.

“I was really enjoying time away from politics but WTF are the President’s advisors advising him? If you don’t starting firing your advisors it is you we are going to fire,” Lumumba, real name Gerald Mutumanje, has said.

“Fuel increase is here to stay and it will be followed by all other prices,” Mutumanje added.

“The reason stations are not pouring is administrative, ZIMRA can’t effect the new duty without an SI. So for now you wait in line till ZIMRA gets the SI that allows systems to change. 

“How should you be feeling right now? Exactly how you are feeling right now. That feeling will lead us to the solution. When one problem is fixed, a new one is created, tinchingodaro tinchingodaro! New F* disaster. Chaora chinhu ichi!”