Diana Samkange Africa Day Bira On The Cards
24 May 2019
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By Own Correspondent- Self proclaimed spiritual consultant Diana “Mangwenya” Samkange has urged people to uphold their culture especially in these trying days.

Mangwenya, who is billed to share the stage with Good Child and Dziva Rembira on Saturday at Solomons Lifestyle Café in Glen View said people should know where they are standing spiritually.

“People should go back to their traditions and spirituality and know where they are standing.

“Sometimes we should stop blaming top officials for failing us and seek spiritual guidance ourselves.

“People should also know that not having a culture is just the same as not having and an identity card, it means you cannot be recognised.

“Without culture there is no belonging,” she said

Mangwenya said traditional bira ceremonies were still relevant in our life.

“Our Zimbabwean culture is being diluted and as a nation we no longer have something to point as our very own.

“We are standing in the middle of nowhere as far as culture is concerned.

“There reason of having this African Gig or Bira on Africa Day is to revive our culture and help others know its worth.

“As Africans, as Zimbabwean we should be proud of who we are and stop people from taking advantage of us, of what we believe in,” she said.

“I am here to help my fellow Zimbabweans to uphold our culture.

“People should know that culture has nothing to do with wealth, uptown or down town lifestyle, culture is culture and that is why we are having this gig in Glen View,” added Mangwenya.

Her show comes at a time when Mangwenya has been doing on the showbiz.

She is one of the few active female artistes who has managed to stay afloat.

Buoyed by the success of her latest album Kumandinde, Mangwenya has vowed to fight for the girl-child.

Her album, produced by the country’s top producers, carries seven tracks.

These include the title track Kumandinde followed by Tovera Mudzimu Dzoka, Tsitsi Rudo Neunyararo, Hondo, Mudiwa John, Ndine Rudo, Chandinoda and Gara Pedyo.

Mangwenya went full circle in search of quality sound which saw her engaging the services of Maselo, Oskid, Walter Mabayi and Casper Beatz of Bazooka Studios in the capital.

It is being distributed by Spinalong. -HMetro