LIVE: “Satanist” Fungai Maruta Strikes Again, Dupes Thousands In South Africa
5 October 2019
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By Own Correspondent| Barely a year after she was exposed, a self confessed UK based Satanist and a fraudster, Fungai Maruta has struck again.

Maruta threatens her victims saying she has satanic powers from a so called, “njuzu,” so the thing will retaliate should they report her.

The 40 year old Maruta, who last year swindled Zimbabweans in the UK more than a hundreds thousands pounds, has taken her trade to South Africa were scores are wailing after being duped in a similar pattern.

Maruta is notorious for editing financial documents one of which is a founding constitution booklet. ZimEye opens another whistleblowing series of programs and below is the account of the first victim. VIDEO LOADING BELOW ….