Matemadanda Invites MDC To Participate In ZANU PF- SADC Anti Sanctions Day
10 October 2019
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Victor Matemadanda

State Media|ALL political parties are expected to take part in an anti-sanction campaign scheduled for October 25, Zanu-PF national political commissar Victor Matemadanda has said.

In an interview with state media, Matemadanda said preparations for the anti-sanctions campaign were underway.

“We have lined up a number of programmes to accommodate all political parties,” he said. “The anti-sanction campaign is not a political issue, but a national issue which requires the involvement of all stakeholders.”

“I want also to give credit to some political parties that are involved in POLAD,” said Matemadanda.

“They are doing quite a lot of work and a lot of ground has been covered in terms of political tolerance. Those who are yet to join POLAD should come on board.

“We expect all political players to join hands in calling for the removal of sanctions. I think our politics is developing to becoming national politics where people distinguished between petty political party issues and national issues and this is what makes a nation.

“You can only do your politics as a ruling party or as an opposition party when you have a country. A country is not just an open space, it needs to have people. It is the people that we should all care and worry about.”

Sanctions, said Matemadanda, were a crime against humanity.

“They are meant to destroy our people and once the people’s fibre of life is destroyed then there is lawlessness and mistrust,” he said. “The intention of sanctions is to cause the people to rise against their Government.”

Matemadanda called upon the youth to contribute immensely towards the fight against sanctions.

“I am happy because it seems that the fever has also gripped the young people at the moment,” he said.

“They understand the effects of sanctions and whether numbers are going to be many or not, the message has reached the right people.

“The young people are the future and they are the ones who are going to be affected by sanctions more that the elderly. It is important that they understand that our problems are being caused by sanctions.”

SADC has declared October 25 as the solidarity day against sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe.