Corrupt ZMDC Boss Absconded Court Claiming To Be Critically Ill.
18 October 2019
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David Murangari

The Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation former chairman who is facing criminal abuse charges absconded court once again yesterday as he is reportedly critically ill.

David Murangari, who is already on an outstanding warrant of arrest, was in a no show in court yesterday with his lawyer presenting his latest medical report to regional magistrate Hosea Mujaya which revealed that he has developed a heart condition.

“As the court is aware that Murangari is on an outstanding warrant of arrest, we would want to tender the latest medical reports from South Africa in which the doctors are indicating that he developed a heart complication after a spinal surgery.

“As such, he is having temporary blackouts and the doctors have advised that he shouldn’t participate in stressful activities like attending court hearings as it may strain his heart, he may be able to travel back to Zimbabwe next month but not strong enough to stand trial,” said Mushoriwa.

In response to the application to have the matter remanded to end of November, senior prosecutor Micheal Reza said he didn’t understand whether by saying if he continues coming to court he will damage his heart, do the doctors mean that the trial should be stopped completely.

The matter was subsequently remanded to November 25.

Murngari is appearing with his alleged accomplice Luke Akino and the duo is facing criminal abuse charges in which it is alleged that they corruptly awarded a $168 000 consultancy services contract to their acquaintance Thomas Mashungupa.