International Scouts Eye Zim Footballers
18 October 2019
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Farai Dziva|Organisers of an international football scouting programme are targeting Zimbabwean players.

Zimbabwe has been chosen as one of the six African countries from where they hope to pick, at least, 15 players from each nation.

The scouts are looking for players between the ages of 13 and 25 and will hold a two-day scouting tournament at Prince Edward, in Harare, and a similar event in Bulawayo.

Dubbed “The World’s Biggest Scouting Event”, it will start tomorrow in Harare.

The scouting tournament was organised by Russia-based Nigerian Moo Muhammed Mustapha and Portuguese scout Miguel Angelo Ferreira Almeida along with Dynamic African Stars, a football academy which has its headquarters in South Africa.

They have roped in former Warriors defender and DC Academy director Dickson Choto and former CAPS United defender, Charles Manjera, who also runs a football academy in Chitungwiza.

Mustapha told the Herald that the decision to come to Zimbabwe was largely inspired by Marvelous Nakamba’s performance in the English Premiership.

“We have earmarked six countries for this event this year. Zimbabwe is our second destination after we did one such event in Nigeria,’’ he said.

“After the displays by Zimbabwean midfielder, Marvelous Nakamba, we thought if Nakamba can do that, then how many other players, who are like him, can also be found in Zimbabwe?”

Mustapha also revealed that several teams across Europe have developed interest in signing Zimbabwean players.

“Several teams in Spain, Russia, Portugal, Greece and many others countries have expressed interest in taking on board Zimbabwean players. So, the tournament at the weekend, is a huge opportunity for both professional and amateur players to come.”