VP Mohadi Accuses Ex Wife Of Courting Unnecessary Media Attention
21 October 2019
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By A Correspondent- For failing to “let go” and visiting a place where she was barred and ordered not to intefer with farming activities, VP Mohadi’s wife was convicted for violating a court order.

Senator Mohadi reportedly visited the farm and broke some keys and hurled insults at some of the workers at the farm.

The matter came to light as it appeared before the Beitbridge Magistrate who later on convicted her.

Said Mohadi following her conviction:

“It seems she has resolved to cause all sorts of provocations albeit contrary to all these court orders so that I am forced to respond in the similar manner and so that she attracts unnecessary media attention to her benefit

What prompted me to file this particular application is that on August 30, 2019, the respondent went to East Masiel Farm, Insiza in Matabeleland South where I am running an animal husbandry project without my consent and started harassing my employees and ordering them to count all the beasts against their will.”

On September 1, 2019 the respondent then decided to extend her provocation against me and went to stand number 441 Beitbridge where my company, Malindi Storage and Logistics (Pvt) Ltd operates a transit business and she harassed employees there and threatened to break all the doors and windows unless she was given US$10 000, which she claimed was her share.

Last month Senator Mohadi got a court order to prompt the VP to share property with his former wife. Earlier this year the VP went to Senator Modahi’s residence and broke doors with an axe an issue that caused a media frenzy.