Dr Cleopas Sibanda: Zimbabweans Against Demos
25 October 2019
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Dr Cleopas Sibanda

By Cleopas Sibanda|  Anyone who thinks that Zimbabwe and it’s poor innocent common people who are the real victims in this case find themselves ravaged by socioeconomic degradation just because of poor political governance by ZANU PF does not really know the actual provisions of the USA’s ZDERA (Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Reform Act) or the actual reasons why this law was enacted by the USA or it’s actual impact on the common Zimbabweans on the ground. Anyone who wants to have their facts right about ZDERA, misrule and the real reasons for Zimbabwe’s socioeconomic degradation must read Chapter 9 of this book hear-in attached.

The Chapter is entitled ” The Political-Government-Military-Industrial-Complex” (PGMIC) and the book is entitled “There is No Democracy At All in Government by Political Party Representatives.”

If only some sold over Zimbabweans and the greater African international community could read this book, then we poor Africans could save ourselves from a whole of a lot of suffering and socioeconomic exploitation by the already developed western countries.

But shame, we never learn and hence were are our own worst enemies. Make no mistake about that. I rest my case.