Auxillia Mnangagwa Sheds Tears On TV Claiming Sanctions Force Rural Girls To Use Cowdung As Sanitary Pads
26 October 2019
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First Lady Auxilia Mnangagwa marching to the National Stadium On Friday

Paul Nyathi|FIRST Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa was on Friday back to her eccentrics after she broke down on national television claiming that the United States and European Union targeted sanctions on ZANU PF elites were the reason why some rural young girls are failing to access healthy sanitary pads.

Mrs Mnangagwa made the claim on ZBC TV’s News Hour after she dramatically led from the front during yesterday’s march to mark the SADC-initiated anti-sanctions day in Harare.

The First Lady and her huge entourage of security guards were part of the bussed group of ZANU PF supporters who walked from the open space behind the Harare International Conference Centre (HICC) — to the National Sports Stadium singing and denouncing Sanctions imposed on top Zanu PF officials by the US and EU countries.

She said the illegal economic embargo was hitting hard, women and children, both living and unborn.

The dramatic First Lady shed tears while narrating how some rural girls were making do with cow dung as a substitute for sanitary pads owing to sanctions which have pushed prices beyond their reach.

“Zvirwere zvichabva mundove iyi no one knows, the girl child is suffering. I have been to various communities around the country, the challenges these communities are experiencing makes my heart bleed.

“What kind of life is this, where are we heading to as a country with this kind of life? We have suffered enough, sanctions must go now,” she said, while holding back her tears.

“The people of Zimbabwe have suffered, what wrong did we do to deserve this, if we committed a crime, then they should say it out. Pachivanhu chedu inga tinoti ngozi inopera nekuripwa. We are not fighting with America, but we are saying enough is enough, remove these illegal sanctions.”

“This has affected our working experiences, making the majority of us full-time housewives, performing mostly household chores.

“Our children have nothing to do, putting to waste our investment in their education and literally killing their potential contribution to economic development.”

She described sanctions as a direct assault on the country, saying those who put the embargo wanted to invade the country and take away its resources to enrich themselves.

Amai Mnangagwa said as a result of sanctions, women were now giving birth in shacks, with untrained midwives, no equipment in hospitals and no medicines.

On Thursday, Mrs Mnangagwa left the nation stunned when yet again she broke down on tears while praying during a prayer session against sanctions she held at the State House with women from ZANU PF loyal churches.

Watch Mrs Mnangagwa breakdown on lack of sanitary pads in the video downloading below: