“Taking Everyone For A Fool Sobers Up Despots”: Sikhala
26 October 2019
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By Job Wiwa Sikhala- Taking everyone for a fool is a risky political gamesmanship that sobers up despots sitting on the false comfort of illusions.

Emmerson Mnangagwa, a masquerade of a president thinks that his cruelty and non respect for Zimbabwean human life has argued him with the people.

He survives on lies and deception. When he couped his way to power he thought that both Zimbabweans and the international community will be deceived by his false mantra of a dawn of a new democratic order.

The fine and intelligent ones dismissed this pretender whose hobby is only spilling human blood from the onset. Through his henchmen such as Chris Mutsvangwa, they told anyone who cared listen to their nonsense, that blaming the so called sanctions was signs of failure.

After being exposed as the worst clueless person ever to emerge in modern civilization, Mnangagwa went back to the default mode. It’s now sanctions, sanctions and sanctions. Reality brings you down from the ivory Tower.

The man has no idea of what to do. He is entangled in the web of a greedy cartel composed of his friends and relatives, concubines, assassins, murderers, terrorists and those fearing for their lives who are around him who have become a valuable source of critical information to the progressive forces in our country.

The difference between Mnangagwa and the late Robert Mugabe is that Mugabe had some brains to think. He would capture and captivate many’s attention on his beliefs wrong they might be. He would defend them with sophistication and tenacity. This one is just bare and sonorous. Idealess and directionless. Ladies and gentlemen our country is on the rapid plung into a disastrous and tragic end. He foolishly believed that Zimbabweans can be fooled into believing that his failures are associated with sanctions. Zimbabweans see it for themselves that our country is being looted without remorse on a second basis. A small cling of Mnangagwa’s cabal irikumora nyika meaning which is stealing from the national coffers.

If we are not careful the crescendo of looting and plunder will leave Zimbabwe with nothing to talk about in the shortest possible time. The scramble for looting by the inner cabal of the man is beyond comprehension.

Sooner, I will reveal the number of immovable properties that have been acquired in the recent past by one of the members of his cabal.

He is now owning a quarter of the Northern suburbs in different names and companies. The little forex available is withdrawn daily to acquire as much as possible properties all over the country.

Corruption has been the gang’s modus operandi. They are getting all national contracts. All State projects are given to the cabal. They over invoice four to five times every contract without any accountability. Proceeds are spread across the corrupt cartel. No one at the present moment knows how diamonds are being mined in Chiadzwa.

No one knows were the revenue generated is going. No one knows which companies returned into diamond mining. No one knows what Russians are doing at Roy Bennet’s former farm in Chimanimani.

No one fell for the bait. The monumental and gigantic failure of the so called March against sanctions should send a clear message to Emmerson Mnangagwa and SADC. Zimbabweans are no fools. They know what are the causes of their misery. It is misgovernance coupled with human rights abuses.

Anyone who raises the red flag on the plundering of our country is taken into forces disappearance or imprisonment. A country without the modicum of civilization should know that you can’t fool anyone everyone anymore.

Addressing a paltry crowd at the National Sports Stadium Mnangagwa should have been an ashamed man. He spoke like someone who has taken excessive Marijuana. Hakuna President akadero. He has not learn to speak like someone normal. Not hatichadiiii, hatichadiiii.

Zimbabweans need their freedom. They want to be governed by people whom they feel are for everyone. They want a leadership that is conscious of their needs. A government that respects human life. Someone who guarantees their future.

A person who will being a modern state. A message has been conveyed. Please SADC allow the people of Zimbabwe to chose leaders of their choice. This sanctions mantra is outdated and has no takers except by hangers on.

The way how Zimbabweans in unison ignored the sanctions nonsense should send a clear message that Zimbabweans know what their really problems are.

Long live democracy.
Long live Zimbabwe.
Long live the will of the people.