Who Made Patrice Motsepe Africa’s Spokesperson? Business Mogul Blasted For Saying Africa Loves Donald Trump.
29 January 2020
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Patrice Motsepe with Donald Trump

Own Correspondent|There’s been mixed reaction to businessman Patrice Motsepe’ s apology for telling US President Donald Trump that Africa loves him.

The billionaire has released a statement, saying he acknowledges he didn’t have the right to express that view.

The African Rainbow Minerals CEO made the comments at the World Economic Forum in Davos last week after a dinner organised by Trump.

Many questioned where he got the authority to speak on behalf of Africa and why he “lied to Trump”.

In an apology statement on Tuesday, the businessman acknowledge he had no right to speak on behalf of anyone except himself.

But he justified the comments, saying they were aimed at encouraging discussions between the Trump administration and African leaders.

Some South Africans have weighed in on the apology.

Many people say Motsepe has demonstrated leadership after apologising, however, are adamant he was wrong.

I don’t remember ngithi I love Donald Trump mina…wonder who made Patrice Motsepe Africa’s Spokesperson?angazongihlanyela mina?

— Karabo Shikishi (@KShik_94142) January 29, 2020
Money is gonna kill your humanity, we saw you lying to trump with the hope of getting access to American economy. The truth is you will never taste a thing from America but the will continue exploiting African economy #motsepe #PatriceMotsepe #PatriceMotsepeDoesNotSpeakForMe pic.twitter.com/dc8ZtsLJmm

— Ndebele is ??? ?? (@Lduga2) January 28, 2020
Plain truth: @PatriceMotsepe apologies is an act of boldness. Upon realizing that he should have spoke on his own term & not on behalf of Africa, the best approach is to apologize. That shows his leadership character, unlike others who were going to ignore it.

— Frederic Ghislain BAKALA (@BakakaFrederic) January 29, 2020

PatriceMotsepe must buy atleast mielie meal for every household in SA.. surely he can afford they might consider his apology ??

— o’Bie GooVaDia (@Banaboy25) January 29, 2020

PatriceMotsepe SA forgives you!!!

— God has a crush on me? (@KhumaNomfundiso) January 29, 2020

PatriceMotsepe for president. He will run our country like Trump’s running US. Like a business. Even if he benefits he understands do not pee of the big dogs. Use them. And he also understands do not bite the hands that feed you. (economy) we support American we trade with them. pic.twitter.com/4jPN3zBsEG

— Chantelle Luther (@chantelleluther) January 29, 2020