Gilbert Kaingidza Turns 38 | FULL TEXT
9 March 2020
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Today is the day that the Lord made for me to arrival on planet Earth from his celestial heaven. I believe it is the day that I chose to come and perform his script faithfully.

Today I celebrate triumphs of the past 38 years. Without God’s faithfulness I will not have come this far. There are episodes of my life that I could have simply perished if I did not believe. It is that faith and conviction that gave me a Risk taking attitude which made me to act my script which I chose before the foundations of the world faithfully and with bravery.

Before we come to this earth we make choices. We choose the kind of life we want to live. There are doors that enclose the unknown. God makes us choose. There is an easy life, a lukewarm life and risky life. The choices are ours to make. What we choose we go through it.

It is the risky and adventurous episodes, the vicissitudes of life, the heart breaks, betrayals etc that when we choose before birth, the angels of heaven say to the Almighty, ” Lord the life of that man shall be an exciting movie to watch. Give him his choice.”

Today I celebrate such a life. I thank God almighty that I have had the courage to confront all my challenges with his strength and wisdom. I have been down but I am up. I been through hell but I am still standing. I am with my family, and the support they gave me is very special. They have been my first aid when I was knocked down.

I am 38 today and the greatest gift I have before me is my queen and the fruits of her womb. Thieves had come in various forms to steal , kill and destroy our peace and happiness but they could not destroy me. I was made the risky taker and main actor. Surely main actors don’t die. I thank God once more that in time of need I obtained from his throne of grace mercy and grace that was sufficient to make me rise.

May all my true friends join me in expressing gratitude to the goddess in my house who has stood with me. I salute my true friends that supported me in all kind to be where I am to day.

A real life story has reached a Happy 38th Birthday.

To God be the glory….

Gilbert Jiga Jones Kaingidza