Mnangagwa Govt ‘Develops’ Breakthrough Cure for Cattle-Killer Disease That’s Wreaked Havoc Across Country.
10 March 2020
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“We have recently managed to develop a vaccine, against theileriosis, and we are using it …”

By Simba Chikanza| In a story that could be a real relief to many Zimbabweans, the minister of Agriculture, Perrance Shiri has announced a breakthrough saying the government has developed a cure for the disease that has seen many cattle being killed in various parts of the country.

He made these revelations during the cabinet briefing on Tuesday afternoon.

“We have experienced quite a number of cattle deaths and mostly due to 3 causes: anthrax, foot and mouth disease, and theileriosis,” he began.

He continued saying anthrax is very difficult to identify its source.

He went on to say: “The only way around the problem is to vaccinate the livestock in those areas where it would have been identified and that’s exactly what we are doing, thus the statistic of the cattle that has been vaccinated carried out so far.

“And foot and mouth disease, this is a disease which is normally spread by discharges,(sic), they are the carriers of the disease and once they get into contact with the livestock in particular cattle they easily spread that disease, the best way of controlling the mouth disease is by erecting fences, so as to separate the farming areas, and the National Parks areas; we can also carry out vaccinations once there is an outbreak in an area as we have been doing exactly like that.

“Then the last one is theileriosis which has accounted to most of the deaths, this is a tick bone disease, of which the ticks, are the type of tick which causes theileriosis, is prevalent during the rainy season, which is the month of December to March hence farmers are expected to keep their cattle frequenting the dips; we are looking at once every week so as to eliminate the ticks.

“We have recently managed to develop a vaccine, against theileriosis, and we are using it in the affected areas as for the exact statistics for the number involved and where the deaths occurred you can come to the ministry.”

It could not be established at the time of writing how many cattle have been treated using this developed vaccine. The name of the vaccine could neither be established at the time of writing. Furthermore, it was not clear if the vaccine has been professionally peer reviewed. VIDEO: