Bona Mugabe’s Wedding Video Surfaces
14 March 2020
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By A Correspondent- Former first daughter, Bona Mugabe’s nuptials to Simba Chikore, was the stuff that only fairy tales and royal weddings are made of. 

A new video clip of Bona and Simba’s wedding day has gone viral online, including a never been seen before behind the scenes footage of Bona getting ready for her wedding.

The video captures all the precious moments from the benediction of the ceremony in a Catholic church, Bona’s majestic walk down the aisle to a live trumpet band and the whole preparation which captures Bona in her room getting her to make up done.

We also catch a glimpse of the former late president Robert Mugabe who was the proud father of the bride and his wife former First Lady Grace Mugabe. Bona and Simba’s ‘first meet’ reads like the whole ‘boy meets girl then boy likes girl’ scenario.

Her mother Grace once recounted that the two met during a flight and she noticed Simba staring at her daughter in awe.

Grace then unabashedly asked Simba if he liked her daughter and the rest, as they say, is history. The couple now has 2 kids to date and love keeping their relationship under wraps only making rare public appearances.

Bona stood by Simba’s side when he was arrested and hauled before the courts for unlawfully detaining an Air Zimbabwe employee and for fraud. She was spotted attending his court sessions several times and giving him the moral support that he really needed during the tumultuous time. 

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