Botswana Bans Provision Of Food At Funerals In Fight Against Coronavirus
19 March 2020
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A Motswana getting tested for Coronavirus

Correspondent|Botswana says no food will be served at funerals and gatherings will only be allowed for a maximum of two hours to minimise the spread of the coronavirus.

President Mokgweetsi Masisi’s government has banned entry by foreign nationals of countries at high risk of coronavirus and cancelled issued visas from those countries.

All issuing of visas on arrival has been suspended.

As is the case in Zimbabwe, gatherings in Botswana shall not exceed 100 people and public places such as banks are allowed to have maximum 50 people at a time, who should be at least 1 metre apart.


The country is more specific on funerals, saying they should be brief and last no more than two hours.

People must have easy access to water and soap for hand cleaning.

Shovels and microphones must be cleaned.

And to minimise risk, no food service shall be provided to mourners.

Botswana has no confirmed cases but says it now has testing capability.