Update Coronavirus Deaths By Country, Chinese Team Rushes To Spain.
20 March 2020
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According to updated reports, Italy has reported 427 new coronavirus deaths, raising its death toll to 3,405 and overtaking China’s death count.

Below is an updated list showing the number of coronavirus deaths per country.

Italy: 3405

China: 3245

Iran: 1284

Spain: 830

France: 372

US: 171

UK: 144

South Korea: 91

Netherlands: 77

Germany: 44

Switzerland: 33

Japan: 32

Indonesia: 25

Belgium: 21

Philippines: 17

San Marino: 14

Iraq: 12

Sweden: 11

Canada: 9

Algeria: 9

Norway: 7

However, earlier today, a team of 13 Chinese medical staff arrived in Milan, Italy, to help contain the coronavirus pandemic. They will share their experience with local experts and provide guidance and consultation for coronavirus control and treatment.

It would be recalled that the World Health Organisation (WHO) on March 11, 2020, declared Covid-19 a pandemic and since then, the spread has worsened and more deaths have occurred.

Currently, Zimbabwe has not reported any Coronavirus infections.