“Lockdown Nonsense” Just For Rich People: 1 Roomed House Shared By 6 People, Are They Going To Stay Inside?
30 March 2020
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By Dorothy Moyo| The 21 day lockdown imposed by South Africa which has now been copied by Zimbabwe, was on Monday morning criticised as a scheme for the rich which only they can fulfil. In street interviews carried out by ZimEye at the weekend, people scoffed at Mnangagwa’s order saying they find it impossible to observe.



At least in South Africa they say it as it is and the army does not abuse citizens during a lockdown- people sharing a one roomed house are not going to stay inside: a mzanzi man explains to SkyNews today, “we have got a one roomed house that has got about six people or so it’s still the same, you can’t have 6 people stuck in side one room for the whole day.” WILL THE LOCKDOWN WORK THEN? WATCH VIDEO BELOW ..