Masarira Tears Into MDC A Youths Over Demo, Fake Abduction
14 May 2020
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An opposition politician has castigated MDC Alliance youths for staging a flash demonstration while the country is on lockdown to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

LEAD leader, Linda Masarira says it is unnecessary for the misguided youths to try to create problems for the government when it is also seized with COVID-19. 

She wrote on Twitter:

Cognizant of the Soren tactics which the MDCA youth have tried time and again to implement of creating a dilemma for government “dilemma action”.

I decided to do my own investigation in regard to the allegations that the MDCA trio of Joana, Cecilia and Netsai have been arrested and have been advised that no arrests were made of any MDCA youth who was protesting today.

Vana ava ngavarege kuita hondo nemutemo. They always cry foul about the rule of law yet they fail to comply with the laws of this land. Mutemo, mutemo unofanira kuteedzerwa.

The dilemma actions which they learnt in Capetown and Livingstone will not work and neither do they serve the interests of suffering Zimbabweans.

It is quite irresponsible to try and create another dilemma for a government which is already in a dilemma with Coronavirus.

It is unfortunate that whilst the whole world is focused on curbing COVID-19 and finding ways to resuscitating economic activities, MDCA youth decided to go on a flash demonstration which is illegal considering the lockdown regulations in place in our country.

This is not the time to play cheap politics, fake abductions or to agitate people for political expediency. We need all political minds on the deck to fight the Coronavirus pandemic, not preconceived demonstrations to look for donor funding and to paint Zimbabwe black.

Its time they start leading by example and stop this tomfoolery which doesn’t transform anyone’s livelihood in Zimbabwe. There is no one who is above the law.

I think its high time peddlers of fake news get arrested and convicted. We have a nation to build we don’t want distractions