Did Ambassador Zwambila Really say MDC youth Leaders Are Faking Abduction?
15 May 2020
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An article published on the Zanu PF website, which has been shared widely on social media, quotes former Zimbabwean Ambassador to Australia, Ambassador  Jacqueline Zwambila saying “There is no abduction. What would be so strategic to kidnap Mamombe at all? If you recall Zimbabwe is under lockdown and leading a demo as well as no physical distancing and masks would raise authorities’ ire. Is this what Job Sikhala was referring to as action perhaps.”

Under normal circumstances, one would not expect the MDC Alliance youths to have staged a demonstration in light of the current Covid-19 lockdown, but I will leave that to the youths concerned to justify their action.

Ambassador Zwambila may or may not have said this, but personally I think she has been used by Zanu PF to absolve themselves and Government from responsibility. The history of abductions in Zimbabwe is well documented. After reading stories about Ambassador Zwambila’s ordeal at the hands of Zanu PF and Government during her term of office in Australia, one would think that she knows that  Zanu PF and Government of Zimbabwe are capable doing the unexpected.

Among the persons who have been abducted are Jestina Mukoko, Tonderai Ndira who was killed in the process, and Itai Dzamara who is still missing to date. The regime in Zimbabwe hasn’t really changed from being a brutal regime, and I will not be surprised if anyone opposed to Zanu PF or Government is abducted.

Interestingly, it is reported that a senior police officer initially confirmed the trio had been arrested. I am convinced that was the truth of the matter, but realising that this would dent to already bruised image of Zanu PF and the Zimbabwean Government, that acceptance has been reversed to try and spruce up the image of Zanu PF and Government.

Abducting people, irrespective of what crime they have committed, or are alleged to have committed, is evil.

It will be interesting to hear from Joana Mamombe, Cecilia Chimbiri and Netsai Marova what they went through.

It is premature for Zanu PF, Government, officials from opposition parties or political commentators to deny what could be the truth before issues are investigated and the truth established.

Kennedy Kaitano.

Background reading

1. Story on Zanu PF website alleging that former Ambassador to Australia accused MDC youth leaders of faking abduction  https://www.zanupf.org.zw/mdc-alliance-plays-dirty-intrigue-fakes-abductions-again/

2. Story in Australia media showing former Ambassador Zwambila sought protection visa fearing for her life if she returned to Zimbabwe Exiled former Zimbabwean diplomat Jacqueline Zwambila cautiously optimistic