Overwhelming Support For President Chamisa In Chivi
29 June 2020
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29 June 2020

By Wezhira Munya

Chivi North, MDC Alliance rural constituency throws its support behind President Chamisa…

Yesterday, 28th June 2020, MDC Alliance Masvingo provincial deputy treasurer, Mr Emmanuel Chidaushe had meetings with Chivi North MDC Alliance structures.

The meetings were held in Chivi North wards 2 and 3.

The main agenda of the meetings was to inform the MDC Alliance rural structures about the political current developments.

98% of Chivi North MDC Alliance district leaders, branch chairpersons and organising secretaries attended these meetings.

In addition, Masvingo women provincial treasurer Mrs Bakali was in attendance. Mrs Bakali is also a MDC Alliance councillor who in 2018 harmonised election defeated Zanu PF and MDC T led by Khupe council candidates.

Furthermore, all Chivi North 2014 ward chairpersons and 95% of Chivi North district leaders attended yesterday’s meeting. This means that MDC T led by Khupe, Mudzuri, Mwonzora and Komichi will not have Chivi North delegates at their congress slated on 31 July 2020. This a big blow to MDC T Khupe cabal.

Commenting, on the meetings Mr Emmanuel Chidaushe, MDC Alliance Masvingo provincial deputy treasurer said, “We held a highly successful meetings in wards 2 and 3 in Chivi North. I informed the Chivi North MDC Alliance structures that our President is advocate Nelson Chamisa. In addition, l explained to them about the court rulings that gave Khupe power to occupy our Morgan Tsvangirai headquarters and recall of our 13 member of parliament. Everyone at the meeting pledged support to President Chamisa and MDC Alliance party.”

Mr Joachim Chiware on behalf of Chivi North district said, “As Chivi North district we are not going to betray president Chamisa by joining MDC T led by Khupe. MDC T led by Khupe is being funded by Zanu PF. Khupe is in Polad and all court judgements are product of romantic relationship Khupe and ZANU PF are having in Polad. Therefore, we as Chivi North district refuse to join Zanu PF through MDC T.”

Also, MDC Alliance Chivi North district secretary leader Farai Zavidze said, “As Chivi North will resolved never to attended MDC T Khupe led extraordinary congress, we refuse to partake in the devil’s communion. Khupe, Mwonzora, Komichi and Mudzuri are Bishops of evil Zanu PF who are on the mission to destroy MDC Alliance. However, president Chamisa and MDC Alliance remain popular. In 2018 harmonised elections we voted for President Chamisa, President Chamisa got almost
2, 2 million votes according to rigged results announced by Zec. Khupe got 45 000 votes. How can we leave a popular President Chamisa and join rejected Khupe? “

Shadow councillor and MDC Alliance Masvingo provincial women assembly treasurer Amina Bamako said, “I pledge my full support to MDC Alliance and President Chamisa. I rest assure you that l will not betray you by joining MDC T led by Khupe.”

Mrs Mutisi, the wife of former Chivi North district chair said, “We, in Chivi North we are educating and informing our structures and support that, President Chamisa is still our President. We are also informing them that MDC T led by Khupe, Mwonzora, Komichi and Mudzuri is a proxy of Zanu lacoster, with intention to destroy MDC Alliance. ZANU PF’ s president Emerson Mungagwa is on the revenge mission after he was defeated by President Chamisa and MDC Alliance in 2018, harmonised elections.”

In Chivi North, the prices of basic commodities such as sugar, mealie-meal, cooking oil, rice have skyrocketed. The current drought has made life difficult in Chivi North. Many people are experiencing hunger.

Masvingo MDC Alliance provincial deputy treasurer , Mr Chidaushe gave $100 each to Chivi North 2018 election agents. Mr Chidaushe was not MDC Alliance candidate in 2018 harmonised elections. On paying election agents, Mr Chidaushe said, “l have paid $100 each to our election agents because they played great role in defending our President Chamisa, our councillor and our member of parliament votes. I value their hardwork.”

Currently, Mr Chidaushe has donated soccer balls to Chivi North youth. Youth in Chivi North will have soccer and netball tournaments that will be bank rolled by Mr Chidaushe.

In the next few days, Mr Chadaushe will be in other Chivi North wards educating them about difference between MDC Alliance party led by charismatic president Chamisa and unpopular MDC T led by Khupe.

Mr Chadaushe and Chivi North MDC Alliance leaders observed a minute of silence in remembering MDC Alliance cadres who were killed by Zanu PF members. The month of June brings painful memories caused by Zanu PF members who killed our Members in June 2008.

President Chamisa