Sports Commission Throws Away Darts Association’s Request To Resume Play.
20 August 2020
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State Media

National Darts Association of Zimbabwe chairman Menard Moyo presenting a trophy to William Nyemba the National Champion recently.

NATIONAL Darts Association of Zimbabwe will have to wait a bit longer before they resume their games as their request, for a resumption of activities, was rejected.

The association, led by their president Mynard Moyo, wanted their players back in action and submitted another application, to the Sport and Recreation Commission, to be allowed to restart their activities.

Moyo, who has also served as leader of the African Union Sports Council Region Five Darts Confederation, said the greenlight was not granted and urged all the players to observe the ruling.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has continued to ravage our region, and the whole world at large,’’ said Moyo.

“In our country, instead of seeing a reduction in the number of infections, we are seeing a spike in the number of new infections and deaths.

“It is against this (background) that we inform you that due to many glaring reasons like, surge in new infections and unconducive venues, we have indefinitely cancelled all forms of the game at all levels.

“Resuming of games will only be done when all Covid-19 response strategies, and preventative measures, have been met.

“This is the right time for all members to ensure that they spruce up their venues so that they meet the required standards as prescribed by the government and WHO.

“All venues will be thoroughly inspected for compliance.’’