Fuel Tanker Bursts Into Flames While Delivering Fuel At A Ruwa Filling Station
6 September 2020
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Paul Nyathi

A RAM service station in Ruwa burst into flames on Saturday while a fuel delivery truck was offloading tonnes of litres of fuel.

The fire extensive damaged equipment at the filling station and the tanker was burnt to a shell.

The fire extended to shops located close to the station.

A City of Harare fire engine had difficulties putting out the fire until reinforcement was called in from the Zimbabwe National Army.

The manager at the filling station, Lynne Zata linked the source of the fire to the delivery truck.

“Ï just heard the sound from the tanker offloading the fuel. That is when the fire started but I have no idea what caused the fire,” she said, adding that no one was injured as a result of the incident.

Speaking to journalists on the sidelines of the incident, Harare Fire Brigade Assistant Divisional Officer, Philip Marufu said the fire caused severe damage to property.

“The fire caused extensive damage, the fuel tanker, fuel pumps and the hardware shops have been extensively damaged,” said Marufu.

“Challenges were faced as we were fighting against a fuel tanker that carries 20.000 litres…so we mobilised for another fire truck from the army to be able to put out the fire.”