AK47 Wielding ZRP Officers Rob Gold Dealer US$30k
13 September 2020

By A Correspondent- Six armed Zimbabwe Republic Police officers from Sanyati were arrested for assault, unlawful entry and theft at a gold dealer’s premises yesterday.

According to a leaked memo seen by a local publication, the six were travelling in an unregistered Isuzu armed with riffles on September 10.

They first pounced on Luckmore Katsekera (26) who is Simbarashe Chimwaza’s driver.

Chimwaza is a gold dealer of Nhengu village, Godzi in Kenzamba.

The cops allegedly assaulted Katsekera with the butt of a riffle on the head, entered into a shop and stole ZWL$200.

The cops proceeded to Chimwaza’s homestead¬† in their vehicle and people at the house fled upon seeing armed police officers in a speeding vehicle

They broke in the house stole short guns, and USD30 000.

The matter is being investigated at Kenzamba police station under RRB number 4407564.