Mnangagwa Threatens Former G40 Members With Extradition
13 September 2020

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has threatened to evoke the provisions of the extradition treaty between Zimbabwe and South Africa to arrest former G40 leaders who are in self imposed exile following the November 2017 coup.

Addressing the Zanu-PFprovincial meeting in Gweru yesterday, Mnangagwa said criminals have for long found a safe haven in neighbouring countries and were now working in cahoots with detractors who are bent on disturbing peace, law and order in Zimbabwe.

Mnangagwa said his Government was aware of their whereabouts and will soon descend on them so that they are brought to book for their transgressions.

He said G40 fugitives, who comprise former Zanu-PF members, had turned into cyber stormtroopers and political gladiators on social media who are peddling falsehoods in order to destabilise the country.

Mnangagwa said the fugitives had connived with the country’s adversaries who are also infiltrating the country using Non-Governmental Organisations who have strayed from their mandate to pursue their ulterior political agendas. Former cabinet ministers like Saviour Kasukuwere, Walter Mzembi and Patrick Zhuwawo are some of the former party members domiciled in South Africa, with Professor Jonathan Moyo believed to be in Kenya.

“So these G40 elements peddling falsehoods and narratives about Zimbabwe, we know where they are and we have been reluctant. But now we have an extradition treaty between Zimbabwe and South Africa. I am now going to give instructions to evoke that treaty so that we can extradite these elements to face the law. In America, no American will speak or act against the country and get away with it. In Zimbabwe they have been surviving but the law is there to make them accountable. We have local NGOs. I want to make it clear that each NGO in this country, when they get registered, they do so on the basis of agreed areas of participation. They are given a mandate for a particular area or activity. Those that are going to be found acting or working outside their mandate as NGOs we shall call them to account.” he said.