More Details Emerge On The Attack Of ZINASU Members And Journalists Near Impala Car Rental
19 September 2020
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Following Friday’s attack on journalists and members of the Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU) by plain clothed security personnel near Impala Car rental, Pachedu has unmasked one of the vehicles used by the thugs in their evil deeds.

The Toyota Noah, according to Pachedu was first spotted outside Impala Car rental at 1037hours before the students arrived to hold their press conference.

There were other vehicles including two Nissan Navara, a Land Cruiser that were milling around the Impala car rental premises ahead of the press conference.

“The Toyota Noah used by State thugs to abduct ZINASU President Takudzwa Ngadziore was first spotted outside Impala Car rental at 10:37am before the student activists were on the premises.

“More than 15 armed Police officers were also later dropped off,” said Pachedu.

The vehicle in question which was parked outside Impala Car Rental