Former Zanu Pf Stalwarts Tear Into “Foul Mouthed” Chinamasa
22 September 2020

By A Correspondent- Former Zanu-PF top officials have accused their former party’s acting national spokesperson Patrick Chinamasa of using undiplomatic language to fight his political rivals.

Chinamasa held his weekly press conference at the party headquarters where he used the platform to attack opposition officials and former Zanu-PF members.

Former Zanu-PF national commissar Saviour Kasukuwere said:

“Zanu-PF is stinking and they must stop throwing sewage at us. Chinamasa is so desperate to be noticed by the powers that he has now become an object of ridicule. He should be helped to stop his useless weekly charades he is using to lie and seek relevance. Why did he not say that at the joint (ANC/Zanu-PF) press conference or other useless pressers he held subsequently?

Chinamasa claimed that ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule said that Kasukuwere, Mzembi and Zhuwao had asked that he transmit to ZanuPf  their desire to be readmitted into the party. He claimed that the message had come way before July, August.

However, the three who are now in self-exile in South Africa refuted the claims.

“We engage with respectable liberation movements and will respect those engagements until the time comes to unpack the concerns raised.”

“So, I dismiss Chinamasa’s weekly madness with the contempt it deserves.”

Former tourism and foreign affairs minister Mzembi said Chinamasa is a grumpy spokesman who is trying to prompt him and others to violate the assistance they are receiving from the ANC.

“Chinamasa is trying to reduce a political dispute we have with Harare to a squabble between us, and I am not about to honour his undiplomatic behaviour with a response to his taunts,” he said.

“ANC delegation will call us for a de-brief when they are done with their quarantine. I have no business responding to Chinamasa on anything let alone his concocted briefings to you guys about a comeback request into Zanu-PF. That is a figment of his imagination.”

Mzembi added, Chinamasa is throwing sewage on the former Zanu Pf heavyweights’ faces.

“We have never made such a request to ANC both in private or public.”-