JUST IN- Govt Strangulates Joana Mamombe In Court This Morning
30 October 2020
Harare Magistrates Court

By Muckraker | The MDC Alliance Trio are in today Operating in court 14 at the Harare Magistrates Court.

The trio is in court this morning after one of them, Joana Mamombe through their lawyer received late afternoon summons directing Joana to come to court at 0900hrs.

The summons did not show any other details as to why they required Joana urgently in court this morning. The junta seem to have a sinister motive against the young MP.

It is seriously considered that the due process is being muzzled and someone has a vendetta against her. The trio are all in Court to hear what they want to do with their colleague.

Concerned Citizens of sober understanding are called upon to come and see the court drama. The confusion through the abuse of office by the Super litigant prosecutor Michael Reza is getting out of hand. One Day Only One Day.