WATCH: Number Plates Of Car That Abducted Hopewell Chin’ono
9 January 2021
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Hopewell Chin’ono Was Clearly Abducted And Here Are The 12 Reasons.

By ZimEye Editorial

  1. The charges announced against Hopewell Chin’ono as he was being taken away yesterday are totally frivolous and amount to a covering up of child abuse by a police officer in an incident which happened in Second Street, Harare last Monday.
  2. The identity of the police officers who performed this arrest were not disclosed at the point of arrest.
  3. The so called police officers did not provide any badge numbers as is required in the country’s policing guidelines.
  4. The arrest comes at a time when the police officer who abused a child in the capital city, Harare is still to be tried or punished for their crime. Any sort of arrest punishing a journalist for sharing what is already in the public domain concerning child abuse, at a time when the Zimbabwe Republic Police should be updating the nation on the child abuse matter, amounts to nothing than an abduction by the same police force that abused the child and has an implicatorial conflict of interest in any legal procedure regarding the child abuse case.
  5. At a time when the police force has kept hidden the identity of the child and its mother, any arrest other than that of the cop who committed this abuse, can only amount to a criminal abuse of office, to the public detriment.
  6. The Zimbabwe Republic police has a history stretching over 40 year’s under the direct headship of the current so called president, in which evidence has been destroyed and more than 30000 innocent civilians killed.

The ZRP has a long history of abusing and killing children.

  1. There are strong grounds to believe that that the child’s mother has been killed by now, in order to hide evidence any police arrest other than that of the cop who did this heinous act can only amount to to something worse than an abduction.
  2. The vehicle that took Hopewell Chin’ono is not recognisable police car and the same type has been used in years past to conduct notorious kidnappings.
  3. The case which Hopewell Chin’ono is accused of spreading falsehoods over, involves the police’s alleged killing of a child whose head can be clearly be seen as motionless.
  4. The police force is still to reconcile facts to the public why they say the child was not at all injured, when the matter at hand is not that if injury but of murder.
    1. ZimEye has taken the police to task to explain why they ignore the fact that the phrase, “you have killed this child!” is continuously repeated be several people at the scene over 9 times in a short space of 43 seconds in the footage which went viral on Monday. The police were still to reply to several phone calls, or call back ZimEye at the time of writing.
  5. This is not the first time Chin’ono has been arrested and in previous times, the charges have been either frivolous or totally baseless.