“Persecution Of Political Activists A Reflection Of Mnangagwa’s Ruthlessness”
17 January 2021
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Tinashe Sambiri|MDC MDC Alliance activist, Terrence Manjengwa, who was arrested by Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration for denouncing police brutality, has implored the people of Zimbabwe to assume a common stance and free themselves from tyranny.

Manjengwa’s sentiments were echoed by fearless MDC Alliance Students Council Secretary General, Rujeko Hither Mpambwa who challenged Mr Mnangagwa to release detained political activists.

Manjengwa wrote on Facebook:
“After languishing in Mnangagwa’s concentration camp for over 2 months in 2020, I came face to face with Mnangagwa’s brutality, It was something that emboldened my resolve to continue fighting.

It’s now time to regroup as young people and confront what is before us. We are our own liberators.”

Speaking on the rampant persecution of political activists by Mr Mnangagwa’s administration, Mpambwa said:

“We are tired of being tossed around by the Zanu PF regime. The detention of our leaders is unacceptable.

Mnangagwa must release all political prisoners with immediate effect. The persecution of Advocate Fadzayi Mahere, Hon Job Sikhala, Alan Moyo and journalist Hopewell Chin’ono is a reflection of the Zanu PF regime’s ruthlessness.”

Rujeko Hither Mpambwa