Has Uebert Angel Announced He’s Now Zimbabwe’s Ambassador To Greece? What We Know So Far…
12 March 2021
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At a time when it’s been revealed he is being trained for an ambassadorial role, the controversial preacher, Uebert Angel has already announced he is relocating to Greece.

Uebert Angel (real surname, Mudzanire) has attempted a-Bushiri on his list of victims (for sex offences and fraud) by flying from UK to Zimbabwe following the launching of the offloading of the 6 year long investigation by ZimEye into his misconduct and abuses in December 2020, which was this year resumed two weeks ago.

Mudzanire is now an ambassador, if official documents at the Foreign Affairs Ministry two days ago, are anything to go by. The development further suggests he was already an ambassador by end of last year when his mentee Shepherd Bushiri secretly fled South Africa on a Malawian diplomatic passport, running away from prosecution for fraud.

What would make him desert the UK, religious pilgrimage, or another kind of excursion? Angel currently has police cases piling up in UK.

The events since November last year suggest Uebert Angel obtained life lessons from Shepherd Bushiri’s escape which made him rush to negotiate a diplomatic placing in his home country, Zimbabwe 3 weeks later.

On the 8th December, the preacher announced saying him and his wife are now relocating to Central Macedonia.

He wrote in his Facebook portal:

“BeBe and I are making GREECE our HOME in CENTRAL MACEDONIA in the prophetic city of THESSALONIKI to be exact. Why THESSALONIKI?

“That’s where the Letter to the THESSALONIANS is addressed to and the ONLY book where the RAPTURE is referred to explicitly… so this is a prophetic CITY.

“We are in the process of establishing THE GOOD NEWS TV studio as we speak. JESUS IS COMING SOON. We are not moving from BRITAIN > though… so no changes there.

“Right now we are getting ready for the grand opening of the 1200 seater BRIERLEY HILL CONVENTION CENTRE in UK this 2021, THE HIPPODROME (Harare), THE GOOD NEWS CITY (Zim) & many more around the world.”