MDC Alliance Takes Citizens Convergence Programme To Mash West
22 March 2021
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Tinashe Sambiri|Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa’s
administration has intensified efforts to disrupt MDC Alliance programmes across the country.

Mnangagwa has instructed secret agents to monitor MDC Alliance activities across the country.

However, the MDC Alliance Mashonaland West Province says Agenda 2021 is unstoppable:

The freedom train is not stopping neither is it procrastinating due to the exposure of wolves who have been masquerading in our midst as sheep.

We are not surprised at the unveiling of ED’s clansmen and girls who were aiding and abetting the regime all along.

As a Province we held our party Building meeting this weekend and resolved to keep the Revolutionary flame alight.we shall not betray the people’s struggle due to tribal politics or for the love of money.
We are not in politics for money but for the emancipation of the people from the yoke of slavery.

We all resolved to take the regime to task and we would like to inform all and sundry that it is not a crime to converge for change neither is it a crime to call on the regime to respect our liberties and freedoms as enshrined in the Constitution.

As Mash West,we are ready to hold the regime accountable.we shall not rest until we are no longer treated as slaves in our own native land.


MDC Alliance Mash West

MDC Alliance meeting