JUST IN: MDC Alliance Trio In Court
23 March 2021
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COURT UPDATE 23-03-21: The MDC Alliance trio is in court today. The duo Joana Mamombe and Cecillia Chimbiri are at the High Court and as set the ruling as been stepped down at 09.30hrs for 14.15hrhrs.

The postponement is known to the judge since he had set today for the ruling and now waiting at 14.15hrs . The other , Netsai Marova has been in court at the Magistrate’s court again politics playing diamond and jokers for further Remand of her case.

t is the State that is supposed to Set a Trial date but in the case of the Trio, the State is blaming the Trio for not setting a trial date.

(2) It is the State’s case against the Trio that they have a propensity to commit crimes…