Zimbabwe Is Cursed- Former Zanu PF MP
24 March 2021
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Tinashe Sambiri|Former Zanu PF MP for Chivi South Constituency, Killer Zivhu has said the late MDC founding President and former Prime Minister Right Honourable Morgan Richard Tsvangirai won the 2008 Presidential election but Robert Mugabe clinged to power despite the heavy defeat.

According to Zivhu, elections will not change anything in the country.

“Do we really need elections in Zimbabwe or it’s just a waste of time and resources, Tsvangirayi won elections Mugabe akaramba kubva only to admit adzingwa kuti ndakadyiwa (refused to admit he had lost, only admitting that he lost the elections after he had been toppled).

Let’s have a national dialogue then an inclusive government.

Zvema elections kutamba nenguva (elections are a waste of time).”

He added :
“Guys does our constitution allow us to change the name of our country, zita rokuti Zimbabwe rinotipa munyama, kutukwa, kuvengwa kune dzimwe nyika (the name Zimbabwe gives us bad luck. We are ridiculed and hated when we travel to other countries).

We have changed leadership from all political parties but still, nothing changed people are still suffering. Lets change the name.”

Killer Zivhu