Politics Of Rational Disputation- Zimbabwe’s Only Hope
22 May 2021

By Lloyd Damba- 29 March is a very significant day to all peace and democracy lovingly Zimbabweans. This is the day that the late founding father of Democracy and MDC Leader Morgan Richard Tsvangirai defeated Robert Gabriel Mugabe without a single stone or bullet being fired.

29 March 2021 the Nelson Chamisa led party in their National Standing Committee Meeting resolved to abandon a none confrontational approach and take President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the Zanu PF party in government head on, as they plan to roll out country wide mass protests dubbed “Winter of Prorests”.

Under the 2021 agenda the Nelson Chamisa led party plans to mobilize citizens countrywide to flood into the streets, storm State House and force Emmerson Mnangangwa out of State House.

If the plan works, ED will be sent to jail or worse and Chamisa crowned the new ruler of a free world. The country’s boarders will be flooded first with those members of Zanu PF outside of Government so that they can rightfully take their place on the top table with Zimbabwe’s new ruler, Nelson Chamisa of course and regain lost pride.

In a direct response to this imminent threat two weeks after the Winter of Prorest Resolution. The Zimbabwean government on the 13th of April, responded with a Cabinet resolution to reintroduce the National Youth Service Programme.

The program is designed to instill a sense of national identity and patriotism as well as equipping them with knowledge of disaster response and thereby assist in enhancing National Capacity to manage disasters.

The resolution is coated with the African Youth as well as SADC Charter framework as well as vision 2030. Older citizens will recall that the National Youth Service, was once called the Youth Brigade.

Sired from the chimbwidos and mujimbas during and soon after the liberation struggle. The late Border Gezi revived this brigade to ward off a stiff competition from Morgan Tsvangirai and the MDC in 2001.

The Brigade committed heinous crimes against humanity and were even used assault Morgan Tsvangirai in Prison. Those with a sharp memory will recall that these were the vanguard of Zanu PF and their duty was to set up road blocks and beat opposition supporters across the country during the run up to every election.

Helping turn the rural tide in Zanu PFs favour. They were easily identified with their green Chinese military fatigue which earned them the Nick name Green Bombers.

Now that winter is here and Chamisa and his team are going across the country, drumming up support for a long and bloody winter with his own battalion of Vangaurd which he used internally to settle leadership scores with those who did not subscribe to the Chamisa Chete Chete till 2090 Mantra.

Senator Mwonzora is lucky to be alive today as he survived death by being burned alive in Humanikwa at the funeral of the late party Leader Morgan Tsvangirai, by the Vanguard.

On the other hand across the country, vocational institutions are being dusted to quickly accommodate the Green Bombers to equip them with life skills to deal with this imminent disaster looming from the Chete Chete Vangaurd.

What this means is that the Government of Zimbabwe will unleash the Green Bombers to clash with Nelson Chamisa’s vanguard in violent street clashes. They will be casualties and already Chamisa’s Jecha(sand) Strategy backfired several times as he sent his best troops to the front line.

Most of them have pending court cases and one such major casualty is Makomborero Haruzuvishe. The young vanguard trooper was recently sentenced to 14 months in jail and he still has other pending cases against him.

As he was being sentenced, their leader Nelson Chamisa was refreshing himself in Bvukururu Masvingo. Six protests which were planed this day in solidarity with Makomborero Haruzivuse were a monumental flop.

Many of Chamisa’s counter parts have similar charges hovering over their heads and probably the same Makomborero fate. Makomborero Haruziveshe’s charge sheets reads; “The accused mobilized members of the public by a whistling code to cancavas them to revolt against the police officers and went on to throw stones towards the police officers and their vehicles”.

Winter protests will be moulded along the same lines of whistle blowing but with a lot of players. Now the question to ask now is; how many people must go to jail or die so that leaders can grab power. Zimbabwe has lost a lot of useful and productive citizens from the colonial days until August 6 2018.

The MDC Leader Douglas Mwonzora is cutting a lonely figure as he introduces a new kind of politics of Rational Disputation, devoid of violent street protest and threats of arresting the country’s leaders as well as opposition players.

A politics where the Youth are not used as political conduits to usurp State or party power but are the leaders of today. The first war to fight the colonial settlers by the spirit mediums and traditional chiefs was called the First Chimurenga War.

The second one that brought independence was called the second chimurenga war. Now those who want to participate and those agitators and protagonist who want to engange in the up coming war, Senator Mwonzora is asking what is the name of this nameless and mindless war. Senator Douglas Mwonzora is a very shrewd, smart, strategic and bloodless political operator and often misunderstood and underrated.

He is only saying to his fellow Zimbabweans”, come let us reason together and build a better future for all. Than to use our fellow comrades and send them to jail and their early graves, instead of industry and commerce and various leadership positions.

Taking cure from General Sun Tzu: There is no instance of a country having benefited from prolonged warfare. It seems now that many Zimbambweans; weary of violence and elections that yeald no change except to validate Zanu PF rule and justify the killing of innocence, are now heeding his call and now whispering Rational Disputation is Zimbabwea’s only Hope.

(Lloyd Damba is the MDC Spokesperson)