Unity Is Our Buzzword- Cecilia Chimbiri
31 May 2021

Tinashe Sambiri| MDC Alliance Youth Assembly deputy chairperson, Cecilia Chimbiri has written a touching solidarity message to the popular movement’s youth wing leader Obey Sithole.

Cecilia described Sithole as a brave and dedicated leader:

Happy Birthday Commander .

Happy Birthday The People’s Commander .

Happy birthday to the man who devoted all the young years of his life to the struggle Setting the standard countrywide from your days as the Zinasu Secretary General #ZINASUlives.

You the Commander of the young people from the MDC Alliance Youth Assembly to Zimbabwe has called on us to serve our fellow young people and better our Country Zimbabwe that we love so much .

Your leadership exemplifies wisdom, strength bravery & resilience & on the anniversary of your birth I salute the example of your life and were we are going .

On behalf of myself I congratulate you Commander and honour your vision for a better Zimbabwe .
Lead us Commander lead Us
Until Victory
I salute you .
Enjoy the day the lord has made .

Your Comrade in arms
Cde leader 2IC

Cecilia Chimbiri